The Skew team recorded an increase in bitcoin futures trading.

After the bitcoin price rose to $11,700, analysts from the Skew team recorded an increase in BTC futures trading.

Researchers have noticed a recovery in investor open interest in this product. Trading activity this week is increasing on most futures platforms, indicating a return of institutional players.

According to Skew experts, major players have again begun to take Bitcoin Rush app an interest in bitcoin futures as the decision of three giants to invest in the largest digital currency has recently become known.

Recall that the American company MicroStrategy and IT giant Square have invested $425 million and $50 million in BTC, respectively. Later it became known that Stone Ridge, which manages assets worth $10 billion, bought 10,000 bitcoins.

There has been a noticeable increase in bitcoin futures trading over the last two weeks. Investor activity is also growing on the Chicago Stock Exchange (CME).

It should be noted that in spring of this year the leaders on the bitcoin futures market were BitMEX and OKEx. The volume of daily trading on these platforms reached $11.98 billion and $15.5 billion respectively.

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