PEPE Overcomes Curse of Stagnant Holders, Soars to 125K Holders

• PEPE recently hit 125,000 holders due to an increase in market sentiment and whale transactions.
• Whale transactions have been significant in the recent surge of PEPE but most of the token is held outside of exchanges.
• Network growth has been increasing, showing that more people are adopting the memecoin and increasing its liquidity.

PEPE Surges Past 125,000 Holders

PEPE’s number of holders hit 125,000 as whale transactions backed the price action. The token might be at a fair value despite its latest exponential growth. According to its official Twitter page, the total number of holders transacting the frog-themed memecoin crossed 125,000 on June 22nd.

Whale Transactions Help Push Price Action

The remarkable surge over the last few days was possible because of an increase in overall market sentiment which attracted investors to the token and drove up its price. Additionally, Santiment revealed that whales have been involved in a series of $100,000 transactions which have contributed significantly to PEPE’s volume. Most of these transactions were not done on exchanges as most tokens are being held outside of them.

Network Growth Demonstrates Adoption

Santiment also showed that there has been an increase in network growth until June 22nd which implies more new adopters who are contributing to increased liquidity for this asset. This suggests that a massive sell-off might not take place soon as investors seem to trust the long-term price action potential for PEPE.

Curse Of Stagnant Holders Broken By PEPE

Holders had previously stayed at a stagnant level since 13 May but this was broken by PEPEs recent exponential growth thanks to investments from large investors as well as general market sentiment going in an upward direction. This led to more interest in this meme coin and propelled it past 125k holders mark fairly quickly.


PEPEs recent surge beyond its previous holder count is an indication that investors believe in its potential long term prospects despite any volatility experienced by other cryptos or tokens on the market currently . The backing from whale transactions combined with increasing network growth shows that people are increasingly investing into it and rising liquidity indicates confidence for future gains or stability for those already holding it .

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