How to tokenize equity today – Interview with Amazing Blocks CEO

The start-up Amazing Blocks focuses on the still young world of security tokens. While in Germany and most other European countries there are some regulatory obstacles to issuing tokenized securities, Liechtenstein is a little further ahead. Amazing Blocks CEO Sofia Balogianni revealed the advantages of the small Liechtenstein jurisdiction, how long it takes to issue tokenized shares and why digital central bank money also promotes the establishment of security tokens.

The interview first appeared in the November issue of Kryptokompass .

How did you get started with Amazing Blocks? What was your motivation?

During my studies at Frankfurt School, I helped organize the Crypto Assets Conference and therefore came into contact with a large number of blockchain founders and experts. The lecture by the law firm Nägele, in which the groundbreaking Liechtenstein Token Act was presented, was particularly inspiring. The networking that followed resulted in promising interfaces with today’s co-founders. The Amazing Blocks product was already sketched there and the first block was laid.

In a nutshell: What is your core business and what benefits do you bring your customers?

Our core business relates to tokenization and the optionally associated investor suite, which we can offer at the beginning of next year. We can help to tokenize the shares of companies according to the Liechtenstein Token Act, but also material assets such as art objects or even vintage cars. Our task is to analyze the customer’s business model and to offer appropriate solution concepts for tokens, smart contracts and technical mapping. Our strength is that we can respond individually to customer requests, as a type of token, for example equity token, debt token or ownership token, can be selected flexibly.

What are the biggest advantages compared to the traditional way without blockchain?

The advantages of our solution start with the establishment of a stock corporation. The Liechtenstein Token Act optionally enables bankless establishment without having to travel to Liechtenstein. We offer our customers a step-by-step plan for an accelerated formation of the company and its tokenization. The entire process until tokenization takes four weeks in the best of cases.

As far as our software solution is concerned, we offer a token management platform, which for the first time makes it possible to generate everything from equity tokens to debt tokens, depending on customer requirements. The topic of fundraising becomes more flexible, efficient and cost-effective through the tokenization of equity tokens. In addition, property transfers are possible 24/7 and without a notary. In general, the use of smart contracts means that traditional intermediaries can increasingly be dispensed with. As a LegalTech start-up, we support our customers during the founding process as well as with tech-based questions about tokenization and administration. Here we often work together with corresponding law firms, for example when our platform has to be adapted to certain use cases, such as the tokenization of works of art.

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