Explore the Possibilities of Mass Crypto Adoption with zkSync Era

• LBank hosted an AMA session on Twitter featuring Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution zkSync Era.
• zkSync Era scales Ethereum’s blockchain with zero-knowledge proofs and aims to enable mass adoption of public blockchains.
• The company prioritizes the community and hopes to promote the use of crypto for public sovereignty.

LBank Hosts Twitter Space Featuring zkSync Era

LBank recently hosted a Twitter Space with Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, zkSync Era. Omar Azhar, Head of Enterprise Business Development at Matter Labs (developer of zkSync) spoke to an audience of 10,000 listeners about the ambitious project.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs Scaling Up Ethereum Blockchain

zkSync is leveraging zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) in order to scale up the Ethereum blockchain for mass adoption of public blockchains. According to Azhar, “I’m pretty excited to see that it might shape up to be a pretty strong ZK summer.” He further adds that developers can now focus on improving user experience through DeFi apps while potentially removing gas fees altogether using paymasters where applications pay for their users’ gas fees.

Scalability Still an Issue

Azhar admits that scalability is still a major issue as blockchain needs to be able to support massive amounts of throughput in order for companies like Visa or MasterCard to adopt it. This is a long-term goal which will require a lot of work but companies such as zkSync are making strides in this direction.

zkSync’s Mission & Community Support

The mission of zkSync is ultimately aimed towards promoting the use of cryptocurrency and encouraging its mass adoption for public sovereignty. The company prioritizes its community and understands that without them, their mission would be meaningless; thus they strive hard in engaging with them regularly and keeping them updated about any developments surrounding their project or space in general.


It is clear from this article that while scalability remains one hurdle towards mainstream cryptocurrency adoption, projects such as zkSync are taking steps towards achieving it by levering technology such as zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs). In addition, they prioritize their community which shows how important the community aspect is when developing something new within this space

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