Ethereum Celebrates 8 Years: A Look at Its Spectacular Journey

Ethereum Celebrates 8th Anniversary

  • Ethereum celebrated its 8th birthday on July 30, 2023.
  • The network has grown to become the second-largest crypto asset in existence, with a market capitalization of $225 billion.
  • Prominent figures in the crypto space shared their thoughts on Ethereum’s milestone anniversary.

Rollout of Ethereum Network

Former Ethereum Foundation CCO Stephan Tual announced the official network rollout in a blog post on July 30, 2015. Since then, Ethereum and its native currency ETH have become the second-largest crypto asset globally, with a market capitalization of $225 billion. In the past 8 years, the price of ETH has experienced a remarkable journey. During its initial phase, Ethereum had around 10,000 holders, but as time progressed, this number surged significantly to reach an impressive 103.96 million.

Price and Holder Base Surge

The tremendous growth in both its price and holder base underscores the widespread adoption and success of the Ethereum network over the years. At present, ETH is trading at a value of $1.865 USD and there are over 100 million holders on board. This indicates that more people are interested in investing in Ethereum despite volatile market conditions. Moreover, upgrades such as EIP-1559 have been implemented to make transactions simpler and more efficient for users.

Crypto Celebrities Chime In With Wishes

Many prominent figures in the crypto space shared their thoughts on Ethereum’s 8th birthday including Sandeep Nailwal (founder of Polygon) and Changpeng Zhao (CEO of Binance). They expressed their appreciation for what Ethereum has achieved so far while expressing hope for even greater success in the future.


Ethereum has come a long way since it was first launched eight years ago and continues to show great promise for further development. This anniversary marks another step forward towards mainstream adoption as more investors show interest in ETH due to its robust technology and increasing usage among developers worldwide.

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